In early 2015 I  relocated from the Cairngorm National Park in Scotland, to The Lake District, an equally beautiful National Park in Northern England. I spend much of my time outdoors, making notes on the flora, fauna and landscape and generally taking a long time to get anywhere because I stop to look at things………… a lot. Drawing and painting “en plein air” provides me with a direct connection to the landscape and the living things in it. Seeking out quiet and wild places, walking, cycling and sometimes canoeing to get there, I record the things that catch my eye; sometimes in written notes, or sketches, photos and small paintings on paper or wood board. My larger paintings are completed in the studio where my sketches and other source material can be reviewed and worked from when the weather keeps me in doors.  Pages from vintage natural history books, maps and old photographs are sometimes incorporated into the work. The resulting surface or collage is carefully considered before I add my own marks, at times focussing purely on the landscape and at others describing my interest in methods of identification, collection  and preservation.


Looking north to Assynt